Terms of Service

1.Information posted on this app

KeelLab (hereinafter referred to as” we “) makes no warranty of any kind with respect to the accuracy, currency, usefulness, etc. of the information contained in this app.
In addition, we may, at our discretion, add, change, modify, delete, suspend or discontinue the disclosure of information disclosed in this app without prior notice.

2.Service Description and provision

(1) We will provide the following services and information to app users.
・Creating a diary
・Viewing other users’ diaries
・Saving other user’s diary as favorite


Please check the App Privacy Policy and understand the contents before using this app and this service.
The App Privacy Policy is posted in the menu area and shall be published in accordance with this posting.

4.Copyright, etc.

Information, designs, layouts, logos, characters, trademarks, etc., contained in this app are copyrighted and other intellectual property rights, usage rights, and other rights held by us or the right holders who have been granted our permission to use them.
Please do not copy or divert without the permission of the right holder.

5.About the link site from this app

Although this app contains external links, the content of websites of third parties other than us (Hereinafter referred to as “Linked Sites”.) is the responsibility of each company.
Please use the linked sites in accordance with the terms and conditions of use, copyright, etc., of each site.
We shall not be liable for any damages arising from the protection of personal information or the contents of the linked sites.
Therefore, we recommend that you read the plans and policies regarding the protection of personal information on other linked websites before providing your personal information.


We do not guarantee the operation on the terminal, compatibility with the terminal, safety (Occurrence of errors, etc., correction when problems occur, unauthorized access from a third party to this app and server, intrusion of computer viruses and other harmful objects, etc.) when the application user uses this app. Use of this app is the responsibility of the application user.
We shall not be liable to compensate for any disadvantages or damages caused by the use of this app, except in the case of our intention or gross negligence.

(1)Damage caused by using or not being able to use the content on this app

(2)Damage due to accidents caused by carelessness of app users, such as operating this app or watching the screen while driving or walking

(3)Any disadvantage caused by addition, modification, corrections, deletion, suspension of publication, cancellation of publication, etc., of information or functions published in this app, or any loss or damage caused by new restrictions imposed on use of this service.

(4)Damage caused by use of information obtained from other websites linked to this app.

(5)Disadvantages and damages caused by software, hardware accidents, computer virus contamination, loss or damage of data, etc., due to the use of this app.

(6)Disadvantages and damages arising from troubles between app users or between app users and other third parties.

(7)Damage caused by suspension or termination of provision of all or part of this app

(8)Defects, malfunctions and malfunctions of this app and communication network, and disadvantages and damages to users caused by usage that is not based on the prescribed usage

7.Prohibited Matters

The user of this app shall not perform the following acts in using this app.

(1)Use this app by a method other than the service content we provide to app users.

(2)Use this app for business and commercial purposes beyond personal use.

(3)Acts such as obstructing the operation of this app (or servers and networks connected to this app).

(4)Use this app by impersonating a third party.

(5)Acts that infringe or are likely to infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights, portrait rights, or honor rights of our company or third parties.

(6)Conduct acts in violation of laws and regulations, public order and morals, or the Code.

(7)Providing benefits to anti-social forces, etc.

(8)In addition, conduct activities that we consider inappropriate.

8.Prohibition of Assignment of Rights and Obligations

This App User shall not transfer his/her status as an App User and his/her rights and obligations based on such status with respect to this App to any third party or provide them as collateral unless we have previously agreed to do so.

9.Suspension of use, compensation for damages

If an App User violates the provisions of these Terms of Use, we may immediately stop the App User from using this app.
In addition, in the event that we or a third party suffer damages due to an act in violation of these Terms, or a fraudulent or illegal act, we may claim reasonable damages against the user of this app.

10.Interruptions and changes to this app

We may temporarily suspend all or part of this app without prior notice if any of the following items apply.
In that case, we will not be liable for any damages to the user.

・If the service cannot be provided due to a failure, error or other reason of this app, server, communication line, or other equipment
・To service, inspect, repair or change the system (including servers and communication lines and power supplies and buildings to accommodate them) on a regular or urgent basis
・When this app cannot be provided due to fire, power failure, etc.
・When this app cannot be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and tsunamis.
・When this app cannot be provided due to war, disturbance, riot, disturbance, labor dispute, or other force majeure.
・When this app cannot be provided due to laws and regulations or measures based on them.
・In addition, if we judge that it is necessary to suspend this app temporarily for operational or technical reasons.
We may terminate or modify all or part of this app at any time for any reason without prior notice to the user.
We shall not be liable for any damages to the user or a third party caused by termination or change of this app.

11.End of this app

If it becomes difficult for us to continue providing this app, we may terminate the provision of this app by the method we determine.

12.change of terms

If we change these terms, the changes will be displayed in this app.
The Terms of Use of the service shall be in accordance with the revised Terms of Use, and shall become effective from the time it is displayed in our application.
Unless otherwise specified, we will change these Terms without your consent.
If you use this app after displaying it on our app, you have no objection to the fact that you are deemed to have approved the change.

13.Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Also, in the event of a dispute between us and the user of the app, we will designate the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive agreed court of jurisdiction for the first instance.

Date of Enforcement: October 29, 2020